What Are the Common Features of Slot Machines?


The features of a slot game vary greatly. Some are fruit machines with a special symbol and no bonus rounds, while others are video slots that almost always feature a bonus game, scatter symbol, and wild symbol. They may even have different reel layouts. Nevertheless, there are some common elements that all types of slots have in common.

Random number generator

Random number generators are the electronic components in slot machines that make the outcome of the game fair. They randomly generate a number, which correlates to the symbols on the slot reels. These are used by slot machine developers to ensure that the games are fair, and are verified by independent testing laboratories. However, the randomness of the numbers can still be affected by the type of machine you play.

Return to player

Compared to other slots, Return to Player has a low RTP. This is because the developers of these games must pay a lot of money to license these franchised titles. Playtech, for example, produces jackpot slots based on the Marvel franchise.

Wild symbols

Wild symbols in slot games have many different features and benefits. They can add an extra level of excitement to a slot game. They are symbols of luck and good fortune, and they can also lead to faster wins. Different types of wilds have different properties, but they all have a positive effect on players.

Scatter symbols

Scatter symbols in slot games play an important role in triggering special features. These can include free spins, bonus rounds, or interactive mini-games. These symbols are a great way to encourage gamers to visit a particular slot machine and play for real money.

Multi-reel machines

Multi-reel slot machines have multiple paylines and multiple ways to win. Their payouts are varied, and some have special symbols to increase the chances of winning. Multi-reel slots also usually come with multiple bonus features.


Paytables for slot games provide the player with important information about the game, such as the paylines and symbols, as well as the rules. Paytables can help you understand the volatility and variance of the game, and help you make the best bets. Usually, paytables are illustrated, and some are even interactive.